Magnetic cover Onyx Boox Tab Ultra with keyboard

Magnetic cover Onyx Boox Tab Ultra with keyboard

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The BOOX case cover is made of artificial leather in a skin-like, soft finish and elegant black color. And the backside is hollowed out to accommodate the camera. It is easy to use and have a sophisticated, sleek appearance, fit for a modern workplace.

【Easy connect】You can immediately connect the Tab Ultra to the pogo-pin connectors. And it does not require any additional power supply or Bluetooth pairing. Simply click and use.

【Convenient shortcuts】It offers a variety of Tab Ultra-exclusive shortcuts such as adjusting warm and cold lights, refreshing, taking screenshots, and adjusting volume simply by pressing down the Function key and a number key. 

【Compact and portable】This keyboard is 40% smaller than a standard keyboard yet is has 64 keys, including your standard function, number, and arrow keys. This smaller size is practical because it takes up less space.

【Comfortable typing】The width of the keys is just as large as those found on laptops or desktop computers. We've also adjusted the spacing between the keys to help you type comfortably.

【2-in-1 experience】You will enjoy a laptop-like experience when using the Tab Ultra with this keyboard cover.